Monday, 5 September 2011

Update One: Forums Down

As everyone can see the forums are down. In moving the database the forums must be frozen, to preserve everyone's data, and then downloaded to a file. In the case of Astro this file is almost 600 MB. Moving this file by conventional means generally goes pretty quickly, except in cases where it is this large - it doesn't work too well. So adders is building and compacting the file and then the fun begins, moving that sucker. Most likely the servers will need to move the file directly using customer support. Once the file is moved we will begin unpacking it into its new home where all the other background files, like forum structure and images, are already waiting. After the database is moved and unpacked adders will repoint the DNS servers to their new home and the information will propagate across routers all over the world in 24 to 48 hours. Hopefully the forum will be back and fully operational by Wednesday morning, keep your fingers crossed! Until then, contemplate all the things you can cover in gold paint to make money:

More updates as we move along!



Captain Kellen said...

*Looks around the corner for more snacks...*

This is taking forever! We're all gonna die!


Infamous said...

Of course, many of us already have blogs. Just a quick listing.

My Blog;

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Those are the one's that I am subscribed to, there are probably more.